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Friday 1 May 2015

Groundwater Control Presentation to the British Tunnelling Society

Dr Martin Preene of Preene Groundwater Consulting Limited will be giving a presentation on Groundwater Control Techniques to the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) at The Institution of Civil Engineers, London on 14 May 2015. Full details can be found on the Groundwater Control Techniques flyer.

Groundwater is an almost universal problem in tunnelling and shaft sinking. If not adequately controlled and managed during construction it can cause a range of geotechnical problems, including running sands, excessive ground loss and base heave in shafts, resulting in additional costs and time delays. However, with good planning, design and execution, tunnelling projects can be successfully and efficiently carried out even in very challenging groundwater conditions.

This presentation will provide a background to the more commonly used methods of groundwater control and dewatering, and will include a review of the techniques used for groundwater control by pumping (sump pumping, wellpoints, deep wells, ejector wells) and for groundwater control by exclusion (cut-off walls, grouting, artificial ground freezing). Particular applications and challenges of groundwater control for tunnels will be discussed.

Dr Martin Preene is a civil engineer with almost 30 year’s experience of groundwater control with contractors and consultants worldwide. He is the lead author of the CIRIA Report C515, the UK industry guidance on groundwater control and dewatering.

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