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Wednesday 4 May 2016

Updated Guidance on Construction Dewatering

CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) has recently published the guidance document Report C750 'Groundwater Control: Design and Practice, 2nd Edition'. This supersedes CIRIA Report C515, which was published in 2000. Copies of the new report can be purchased from the CIRIA online bookshop.

The publication provides information and guidance on dewatering methods used to control groundwater as part of the temporary works for construction projects.

Subjects covered include potential effect of groundwater on construction works, groundwater control techniques, safety management and contractual matters, legal and environmental issues, site investigation requirements and design methods for groundwater control schemes.

The guide explains the principles and gives practical information for the effective and safe design, installation and operation of such works.

The authors of the revised report are Dr Martin Preene of Preene Groundwater Consulting, Dr Toby Roberts of WJ Groundwater Limited and Professor William Powrie of Southampton University.

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